I’m Kylynn (just call me Ky). I grew up in Dallas, but currently live in Golden CO with my husband and 2 kids. My passions include: Texas football, Diet Dr Pepper, playing volleyball, and clearly shopping for home decor!

My husband and I started flipping houses a few years ago, and recently I had the idea to branch off and start a business to offer our luxury design services to everyone! My vision is to be accessible to everyone, and be able to help with anything you need in your house.

Sometimes my life and job is kind of a shit show, so follow along on our crazy adventure!

about us

My vision for Luxe Designs is to have everything you need for your home under one umbrella. From getting your home ready to sell, buying a fixer upper and needing it completely gutted, to wanting a fresh perspective and design for your existing home. I am passionate about helping homeowners achieve their dream home without breaking the bank!

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